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Hey Everyone,

It’s been a week since the new store opened and I was given the chance to go in a night early and have a little look around. I want to start off this post by just saying how thankful I am to being invited to this event. This was my first offical PR event and I was lucky to go with my best friends. So thank you so much LUSH!


When we first walked into the store, we were greeted by some lovely ladies who gave us a gift card to spend and directed us to this lovely table. This was totally unexpected but appreciated! There were two drinks to pick from, and both were based on the LUSH products,  Shoot for the Starts and Bubbly. I chose the Bubbly drink, as I just enjoyed the look of it more, of course, it was delicious!


Here is a bit of an over view of the store, as you can see it is SOOOOO much bigger then the last one, which is so refreshing. One of my favourite features is the fact that there is a ramp as well as stairs to the second floor. I have friends who now can enjoy the store where they could not before because of its awkward size. Excellent touch LUSH and I am sure it’ll get a lot of use in the Christmas rush.

Once we had all made our way in, we were given the chance to wonder around the store and catch up with friends. Because my little group was first through the door, we moved straight to the back of the store to make sure that there was enough room for everyone to get in. My little group ended up at the hair care area and it was amazing. After a demo of the products (where my hair was often used because it was down, no complaints) I now know other products that I need in my life. One that I really want is Queen Bee because we put this in my hair and it felt amazing! Plus it has no packaging which is always good.

Next we moved onto one of my favourite parts of the night, well for me anyway. MAKING OUR OWN BATH BOMB. OMG, dream come true! We all got the chance to make our own Shoot For the Stars Bath bomb, and can I just say, they are a lot harder to make then I thought. Trying to get the stars to stay on the outside and looking pretty takes some practice. The ladies in charge of the station were so lovely and explained what the process was, there is a bath bomb at LUSH that takes 4 days to make because of its complexity! It was good to hear too that in the LUSH factory the staff make it a challenge to see how many someone can make in a day.

Once everyone had the chance to settle in and take some initial photos, we were officially greeted and welcomed to the new store! It is crazy to hear that little Adelaide now has the BIGGEST store in Australia, and the first store out of England to have a party area! Adelaide has been recognised as a state that supports LUSH and so it was amazing that we have been granted such a title. One thing I didn’t realise about LUSH was how they farmed their ingredients, growing up in a farming family I understand the importance of keeping the land healthy and happy. LUSH feels the same way, so they go out of their way to make sure the land they get their ingredients from is healthy, and that the towns and people are also looked after.

After this lovely speech, we were given free reign of the store and was allowed to shop to our hearts content! I went around talking to staff asking about products, and of course, talking about the size of the new store. I learnt that the staff size in Adelaide also tripled, so good news all around!

This is the party area I mentioned above, for the night it was taken over by smoothy making booth! You could jump on a bike, pedal away and BOOM you have a delicious drink that you mildly made yourself. There was even chocolate that you could sprinkle over the drink which made it even better (one staff member mentioned how she had been put in charge of cutting the chocolate).

These were the beautiful people I spent most of my night with, and it was so good to catch up with them! Going from left to right, I’ll link everyone in these photos!
Ren Nay
Pastel Sparkles 
How To Girl dot Net
I am so thankful that I can go to events with these beautiful ladies! They always make the night enjoyable and we always just end up taking funny photos and giving each other lists of things that we need in our life.

And one final thank you to Promote SA for being there for us Adelaide Bloggers! Without you we wouldn’t be having these amazing events!


At the end of the night, these were the items I picked up, I also have a knot scarf, but it is not in this photo. I have always wanted one of the scarfs, so why not! I plan to do reviews on all these products, but if there is something you want to see first, please leave me a comment below. Please note all of these products were bought with the gift card that I was provided with at the start of the night.

R & B
The Experimenter Bath Bomb
AvoBath Bath Bomb
Shoot for the Stars – Made by me
The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
American Cream
A French Kiss

Thank You again LUSH for hosting such an amazing night and letting me come along. I know I will visit LUSH more often now with the bigger store which is always exciting! I also now have a wish list of products that I want from LUSH after touching all the different products, so look out for future LUSH hauls!

If there is anything you specifically want me to review, be sure to let me know below!

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I hope to see you next time,




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