Me and My Make-up!

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post is going to be about how I am slowly changing and realising how I want to do my makeup. I am getting to a stage in my life where I just want to do my makeup in a style that I truly want to be in.


This is  the first selfie that is in my media file attached to my blog. I can already see things that I do different which is exciting. I used to wear really light eyeshadows, all shimmer, no contour and bold lipsticks. I liked how I looked and I could tell I was learning! I was doing my brows but not really knowing what I was doing (to be honest I still don’t). I was in Japan when I really started to blog which was exciting!


Gosh this is a throwback, over a year ago I did this look and loved it! I must have just received Jeffree Star Cosmetics Weirdo and wanted to play around with dark makeup. I’m also pretty sure I was having a shitty day so that probably encouraged this look as well. This look was the first time I had played with such dark makeup, but I do think this is where it all began. I scared the crap out of my unit mates and my boyfriend showered me in compliments, I also got such positive feedback from this look, which I was thankful for.


Brows = check, Bold lips = check, learning how to blend eyeshadow = kinda check? I am still learning how I want my eyeshadow to look, but I am mostly trying to learn how to blend shadows together, still, I am using reasonably light shadows and colours. I don’t know what drew me to them, but I was using neutrals all the time and always wearing bold lips. I think I didn’t want to wear bold on bold.


To more recent times, I ADORE this makeup look. Blond lips, bold eyes and a wing liner I will probably never be able to recreate. This was the first time I have ever really gone ‘stuff it, I will wear what I want’, I LOVE grunge, not super grunge, but that style in general. So I tried to do what I felt comfortable with, even though I did this look at home and didn’t go out that day, I don’t regret creating it. I need to re-create it and wear it out and about. If you want to see what products I used, I wrote a whole post about it here.


Not the best quality photo, sorry about that, but this is sort of what my daily style has become and I really enjoy it. I love wearing dark shadows and bold lips. I honestly just like bold colours haha! I clearly still haven’t mastered brows but that is ok, I don’t want perfect brows. I know how I like my contour, blush and highlight which is something. I have noticed a bigger change in my style since I died the underside of my hair purple, which I am happy with.

Remember overall, makeup is personal and it is ok to change! I am so happy with how my makeup looks and there is every chance that in 6 months time my style will change again!

The important point that I want to make out of this post is the freedom to change your look and style whenever you want. Everyone is constantly changing how they do their makeup and that is ok! Just remember that at the time you thought you were smashing it!

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