Chloe Jane Candle Co. Haul!

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a candle post for you all, it is well and truly winter now in Australia, so I have been cracking out all the candles! I am also always on the hunt for good candles. I preferably like to get indie brand candles because I want to support those trying to build their business!

Recently, Chloe Jane Candle Co. had a sale so I jumped right on it! Chloe Jane Candle Co is an Adelaide based company! Right away I knew I had to get on board and try some of these awesome candles!


These were the two scents that I picked up! I went with a trusty favourite Green Tea & Lemongrass and thought I would give Strawberries & Moscato a try because, why not?

I am loving the cute little inspiration quote on this card! It was unexpected but an amazing touch. On the back of the card are care instructions, for example burn time and preferred wick length.


I have yet to burn Green Tea & Lemongrass but I cannot wait until I do! Lemongrass is just a relaxing scent to me so I am hoping I will really enjoy this candle! When I take the lid off and have a whiff the scent is really strong. I don’t detect the green tea so much, but I am not too fazed because I mainly bought this for the lemongrass smell.

The card to the left has a description of what the scent is and I simply love it!

Refresh (Green Tea Lemongrass)

Bright and uplifting, refresh is a zesty blend of lemongrass, green tea and safe (with just a hint of ginger). Smells like; hurrying through the fresh food market with a goal in mind. Calling out your order of herbs to the lady who’s been there since 4am, and getting it within the blink of an eye. Sitting down, having a cup of tea, looking over your (?). Cooking up an asian feast when you get home, and finishing with a sparkling kitchen and some very content, very full friends. Happy Friday!


I have burnt Strawberries & Moscato a few times now and I really enjoy it! In the pot I can smell the moscato more than the strawberries, but both scents work well together to create a sweet smelling candle. Although the scent is strong in the pot, this has a more subtle burning scent, but I have only had this lit in our living area which is open plan. It will be interesting to see how this goes in a smaller area. I am so glad that I decided to pick this candle because I am really enjoying it!

Glamour (Strawberries Moscato)

Strawberries and moscato work together in this candle to create a magical, girly mix that is both sweet and tart. Smell like; getting read for a girl’s night out. Taking selfies and sipping bubbly before you move onto cocktails and wonderful (terrible) dancing. Getting the first taxi that you see, skipping the queue at the cool new bar that everyone’s talking about and going home at the exact right moment- happy, lively, young and free.

I have found that these burn beautifully and cleanly. My candles have had zero problems burning to the edge which is always important. I enjoy how the candles have a wooden lid, but I will blow out the candle and quickly shut the lid to keep the smoke contained. I wont ‘blow out’ the candle by using the lid because I’m afraid of it burning or damaging the lid.

I will probably buy more from Chloe Jane Candle Co. in the future for a few reasons. I am really enjoying the scents and its scent throw! It is hard to find nice candles that aren’t too expensive. I will also repurchase because Chloe Jane Candle Co. is from Adelaide! We Adelaidians’ need to stick together and help each other grow!

I have no doubt that I will be able to repurpose these pots once I have finished burning the candle. I have no idea what I will use them for, but I am sure I will think of something!

Price: $20 (I got mine on sale for $16)

Just before I go, I want to mention how amazing the shipping was! These were packed perfectly with lots of foam and crate paper. There was even confetti tapped to the box and thrown inside!

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3 thoughts on “Chloe Jane Candle Co. Haul!

  1. I know Chloe and she’s really sweet! I really want to get my hands on a few candles but I’ve got to finish my TANDA one first! I love Chloe’s descriptions of the candles!


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