Bitchinskin Body Scrub~*!

Hey Guys!

Today I am talking all about this body scrub that I was lucky enough to receive from an event! I am always on the lookout for new body scrubs as I use them regularly as a part of my shower routine! (explained in this post)

I am going to go over a few things in this post, such as how I felt about the product and how and why I decanter it! So get ready!


Here is what the BitchinSkin looks like in all its glory! This is the front of the packaging and I find that I like how simple and straight to the point it is. It brings things back to the basics without being plain and I really enjoy that.


This is the start of what is on the back of the packaging. I didn’t take an overview shot because I wanted to go through all the sections and talk through them and felt that an overview didn’t give it justice. As you can see this is at the top of the product and is a nice quick and simple explanation of what the scrub is meant to do!

Hello, meet BitchinSkin

The body scrub exploding with good stuff to brighten, purify, smooth and tone. I’ll dig deep to sooth post-workout soreness and target pesky skin conditions such as acne, flakiness & irritation as well as cellulite and wrinkles.

This is something that is right up my ally! Granted I do not use this as a post-workout scrub because honestly, I don’t go to the gym. So I am sorry but I will not be able to comment on how effective this scrub is at helping with post-workout soreness. But as for skin conditions, that is something that I can comment on! As I have mentioned in the past, I have trouble shaving my legs unless I use a scrub. So I was super excited to find out this would help with that!

In these two photos it displays what the main ingredients in the scrub are, as well as the instructions and all the ingredients in general. I like how upfront and no-fuss this information is. Its in big writing so it is easy to see and clearly displayed so you don’t have to hunt around for it.

As you can see the main ingredients are Coconut, Matcha (Green Tea) and Peppermint. This is unsurprising seeing as the scrub is called a Matcha body scrub and when I opened the packaging I got a HUGE whiff of peppermint. I will say that if you are someone that dislikes the smell of peppermint, you will NOT like this scrub. I am not a huge fan of the smell, but I can get by with it. So that is why I am giving that caution.


You might be wondering why I de-potted this, and the reason is simple, because I wanted to get as much use out of this scrub as I could! I was a little worried about using the packaging with wet hands so it just felt natural to put it in a different pot! I used a spoon to get everything out and I really scrapped around to get it! As you can see it filled up this pot really nicely and I am glad! Once I was finished shoveling it out into the pot I was glad I had transferred it because I know I would have missed out on so much product!

For my actual review I will write this in two parts, because like a noob I didn’t actually read the instructions until it came to taking these photos! I used it incorrectly the first time, but I still want to comment on it because I am sure I’m not the only one who has done that!

First AttemptMildly failed attempt

So, the first time I used this just like I would any other scrub, I jumped in the shower cubical and started scrubbing away! I found that using it this way did make it hard to spread around my leg. I didn’t really like the texture of the scrub and used a lot more than I thought I would need to just scrub my legs. The smell of peppermint was really strong and I wasn’t a super fan. That being said though I did still really like how my skin felt afterwards! But needless to say I am super glad I have read the instructions to use this properly!

Second Attempt = Things made sense

Ahhh, in this case second time was the charm because this time I used the product correctly! I jumped in, shampooed, conditioned and then shut off the shower and started scrubbing! Now, let me tell you, this was a totally different experience then the first try! The consistency this time was a lot easier to work with. The product spread out better across my skin, I also found that it was more abrasive this way. This is really important to me as I know this helps my legs in the long run! As I run my hands up and down my leg a day after, I find that my leg is still pretty hair free. Which is excellent because in the past it has been known to grow back by evening!

I noticed the smell was a lot less concentrated using it this way, another thing I was thankful for! I noticed as well that the product went a lot further on my body. I probably did my arms and legs with the same amount as I had just used on my legs in the first try.

On my arms I really liked this as well! I concentrated it on the top half because I do have some skin issues there as well. I felt that it did a great job! But when I stepped out of the shower to let the scrub rest on my skin, my arms did feel tighter? I’m not really sure, but I could have just been imagining things from scrubbing so hard! Even now (roughly a week later while editing this post again) my arms are still feeling super smooth and not bumpy. I think I will save this scrub for my arms, because I have noticed an actual difference in my skin quality and that is amazing!

Overall my second attempt at using this scrub was a lot more promising than the first attempt. Please remember that it was totally my own fault but I thought I would still add it in because it did affect my initial thought on the scrub. I am glad though that I used it properly because I find I really do enjoy using this!

Let me know if there are other scrubs out there you would like me to try!

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I hope to see you next time~!

~* indicated received at a blogger event


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