Bath and Body Works Haul!

Hey Guys!

There isn’t a Bath and Body works in my city, but there is one in Sydney Airport! So while I was there I went and got some much loved products! I went in knowing exactly what I wanted to get and I was thankful as it was all a little over whelming!

I do want to point out that three isn’t a huge range of candles in store. But please remember, this store is in an airport. Of course it’s not going to have many candles for sale, candles are heavy and take up a lot of room. I did pick up a couple of candles and I am more then happy with them.


These honestly were the main items that I was chasing when I went into the store. I love these because there is a distinct lake of smells in general hand sanitisers in Australia. When I was in America I bought over 10 and I still have a few left, but I wanted to get backups. Because I do believe that sanitising my hands before touching my face helps reduce pimples. As you can see above I bought two in the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom, you will see this as a running theme throughout this haul. I LOVE this scent and I want it in my life forever. The Sweet Pea scent is one that I am currently using (in the old packaging) and I really like it so I picked up a backup! Pink Chiffon is one that I’m not sure if I have used before, but I’m sure it’ll be great! Fresh Strawberries is one I have also had in the old packaging and enjoyed, plus I love strawberries, so I can’t really go wrong.

Price: 5 for $11


CANDLES!!!!! I was sooo excited to get my hands on some more Bath and Body Works candles. I have some in the small jars and I use them sparingly because I love them so much. I have yet to use both of these candles, but I have tried Dark Kiss and I really enjoy it! You do not want to have this candle in a small room (say your bedroom) because it will get slightly over-powering. I really like this scent though and I am glad that I picked it up! Japanese Cherry Blossom is again making an apperance. I smelt this one first and knew that it would be coming home with me. I have yet to burn this one but I know it’ll be amazing, if not, I will be super sad. One thing I am really disappointed in, is the fact that it doesn’t explain the scent! I remember all the American’s turning their candle over and reading the description on the bottom. I didn’t see that on these, if they are really on there, please let me know where to look for it!

Price: 2 for $31 (I don’t fully remember so I might be off with this pricing)


Ah, again, Japanese Cherry Blossom shows itself in this haul. I told you guys, I LOVE this smell, it reminds me of good times and Japan (go figure). I had a smaller container of the Body Lotion and I always used it sparingly because I never wanted to run out of it. Well…. now I don’t have to stress so much! There was a deal where it was buy two get one free so I did just that. Guys, you don’t understand how much I love this scent, so to have it in a mist form and shower gel? Goodness I was over the moon! I cannot wait to start using that body wash! I know I will be sad when I use it up, but that’ll just give me another excuse to travel!

Deal: Buy two get on free (everything was priced around $14-$16 from memory)

So that was my haul! I have no regrets, even though when I got to the cash register it was over $100. I wish we had more Bath and Body Works stores in Australia. I would be all up in their shiz buying stuff! I am a candle and soap fan, so yea. I know that I didn’t branch out with scents, but like I said at the start of this post, I knew what I was going in for, and this what I wanted!

Sorry for two hauls posts in a row! My next haul post wont be for ages hopefully! But that honestly depends on the post man 😉 so we will wait and see!

What Bath and Body Works scents are you guys crazy about?

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I hope to see you next time~!


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