Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Dirty Money!

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is all about Jeffree Star Cosmetics Dirty Money! A shade that my sister personally hates me wearing. This is a shade that not a lot of people would like, and I can totally understand why as it is totally different and can be intimidating. I find that not every time I wear it, that I am totally happy with it. But then there are other times where I just rock it and know that its an amazing colour to where!


As you can see, this isn’t going to be a colour that everyone loves. And to be honest that is totally cool! The thing that I love about this colour is the fact that it IS so different. It starts to get other brands thinking about these sort of shades which is great for those of us who love wearing more out there colours. I personally don’t wear this colour all the time, mainly due to my personal colour scheme and not wanting to annoy those around me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about wearing this shade often! It is a great colour that can change the mood of your makeup look!


Not the best lighting for a photo, but this still shows you what it can look like! I think I am sitting on a train waiting to go home for the day. I am honestly not totally sure, but the face that I am going home and it still looks this good is a positive sign! I find this is just as comfortable as any other shade. This photo does show how dark it can look in artificial light, so this is something to keep in mind, depending where you are wearing this to.


I included this photo to show how it can fade and how it looks when that starts to happen! That might be why I don’t look super impressed in this photo haha! I don’t remember what I was doing this day, like what I had eaten or drank, but I do remember taking this photo for the sole purpose to show everyone how it fades. I find that when this happens its not too hard to touch up, because it has vanished completely from the centre of my lips versus when its just faded. I find these don’t layer well, as in re-applying will make these uncomfortable. But you can just apply Dirty Money in the centre without touching the outside then its not really an issue which is important!


Goodness what a sassy photo. I was in the elevator in my unit complex probably late for something and heading out for the day. I do and don’t like this photo because of the lighting. But it shows how strong this lipstick can make you look. Even though this might not be a favourite photo of mine, it shows that confidence is something that helps pull this lipstick off. I do wish I was wearing a different blush though!


I know this post hasn’t helped with makeup looks to combine with this shade, seeing as I am yet again wearing my sunnies! But this photo truly shows how dark this lipstick can look. I really like how it looks in this photo and that is why I set this as the feature image for this post. It shows it in a different light that a lot of people might be more comfortable seeing it in.

Throughout this post you have seen Dirty Money in all different lightings and settings, some more desirable then others, but still. Having photos I might not be 100% happy with in lighting will still show how it looks. I really like the range that you can get from this shade and it is the reason why I keep wearing it.

I do think that if you are trying to branch out of your comfort zone then this is a good shade to try. It is a bold colour to wear, but it is not a bold shade, such as something like Blue Velvet.

If you have the courage to wear a shade like this I would love to see it! So don’t hesitate to tag me on Instagram or comment below!

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