Runway Room Pink Matte Lip Pencil~*!

Hey Guys!

Recently I was introduced to the beautiful brand Runway Room at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event! I had the chance to talk to the Adelaide rep Kara and she was amazing. I had been told by me besties that this brand was out of this world and that I would love it and spoiler, I think they are right.


From the Bloggers United Adelaide Event I got to choose a product out of either a lipstick, lip gloss or a matte lip pencil. As you can see above, I decided on the pencil! I am loving Matte lip products at the moment and so I thought this would be the best for me to try out!


This is the shade that I decided to pick up! This is the Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Pink. I decided on this colour as I feel like this is a shade that could be worn all year round and still look great!

I found that I had a little bit of trouble applying this for the first time, but I think that was down to the fact that I was using it for the first time. But once I had this on it felt great! I couldn’t feel this on my lips which was something I was thankful for, as I have gotten used to wearing liquid lipsticks. I found that this did transfer but not horribly so that was good. Re-applying this product was also super easy and didn’t change the over all feel on my lips. Something that I was thankful for as with other lip products re-applying can be an issue.

My only negative comment is that the name of the colour isn’t on the pencil. It is only written on the box, which I had honestly thrown away before realising this. Thankfully, through talking to my friends and comparing colours I could figure out which one I have.

Overall I really love this product and will def be getting a lot of use out of this! I like how it is in a pencil format as I feel that it will help with the longevity of the product. I will be looking more into this brand and trying other products! I have heard amazing things about their lipsticks so I think that is the first thing on my list to try!

Price: $24.95 

You can purchase it here:

Let me know if you have tried other products from Runway Room and what you thought of them!

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I hope to see you next time!

~* indicates that I received this item at a Blogger Event.


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