Jeffrey Star Cosmetics – Blue Velvet

Hey Guys!

Sorry for no post last week, to make up for it I am talking about one of my all time favourite shades from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics line and that is the shade Blue Velvet! This is a colour that is a royal blue and looks amazing on. I have worn this so many times and have even already got a backup in my collection for the day I run out!

IMG_1252Here it is in all its glory. This doesn’t come in any different packaging to the others. But the box that it arrives in is different! It is a sky blue and looks beautiful. I have kept my box because I really like how it looks. I’m sure one day I will do something with it.

The formula for this one is just like what you would expect from Jeffree Star. Its beautiful on and easy to apply. I will say that this one does require a bit more work to get on perfectly. But I put that down to more the nature of the shade then the product. I do find that you might been to run the applicator over your lips a little on the first application to smooth things out. And if you want a super bold colour maybe adding a bit more to the bottom lip. I find its best to do this while its still wet as adding multiple layers once this is dry can feel uncomfortable on the lips.

Because this is one of my favourite shades I do have a few more photos and looks for this colour. Some I am more proud of then others so let me know which ones you like!

IMG_1350 IMG_1345

This is a look that I did a while ago but never ended up wearing it out to the event that I created it for. This gives you a true expression of the colour and how bold it is. In the lip photo I have applied Sugar Pill Lumi over top and found I really loved it! Adding the shadow didn’t affect wear time nor how comfortable it was on my lips.


This photo shows how dark it can look in different lighting. I am pretty sure I am standing in my friends bathroom taking a sneaky selfie before we went out clubbing. I think this was also the first time I wore it out and about! I had people asking about it and I loved it! It lasted the night super well, though I did make an effort to drink from a straw, which didn’t last long so I only had to touch this up lightly once. I didn’t find it uncomfortable and it didn’t slip and slide around my face.

Overall I love this shade and wear it as often as I can. I have had good and different comments on it but each to their own. If you want to rock a blue lipstick then this is a good choice! I find this easy to wear and also to pair with basic eyeshadow looks.

Let me know what you think of this shade!

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