Simple Skin Care Tips

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Skin care is something that everyone should do, no matter your gender or time constraints or anything like that. Your skin is important and you should look after it! But what are some simple steps to get you started on the right track? All around on the internet there are people revealing their skin care. And to be honest, it’s too expensive and high maintance most of the time. Which ultimately is unfair for most of the general public.

So here are a few simple things you can do to help keep your skin looking happy and refreshed!

  1. Don’t Touch Your Face!

I get asked mildly often how I keep my face so pimple free, and this is honestly one of the biggest and easiest tips that I have! Touching your face a lot transfers what ever is on your hands directly to your face. Meaning that all the dirt and grime from the things you have been touching or using from the day is now also on your face. I personally have a habit of touching my face and to try and counteract this, I move my hand from my face to my neck. That way I’m still getting that sense without transferring everything to my skin. It also means if you’re wearing makeup that it wont transfer to your hands.12767402_10208630364015731_1511151810_n

2. Always Take Your Makeup Off!

I don’t care what time of the night (or morning) it is, if you have makeup on you take it off before you go to bed! Leaving it on your skin suffocates it and lets all the grime from day have a chance to sink into your skin as well as your makeup. This will clog pores and give you pimples or blemished skin. Even if you just use a makeup wipe to get the majority of it off is fine. Just don’t leave a whole face on! (Else you might wake up in the middle of the night after clubbing with glitter in your eyes. Not fun.)


3. Cleanse!

Now this is something that I have introduced into my shower routine. That way it happens at least once a day and I don’t have to worry about getting water all over myself! Cleansing once a day will help get all the gunk out of your skin. Find a time that you think fits your time constraints and habits and get cleansing! There are hundreds of items out there that you can use either in the shower or out of it! It just depends when you want it to do.

4. Moisturize!

If you start cleansing your face, make sure that you also start to moisturize it. When cleansing you leave your skin open to the wonderful world around us! By moisturising you help keep the bad stuff out and keep the good stuff in. Just remember that cleansing can take a lot out of your skin and moisturizing will also help put a lot of the good things back it. It’ll also help soften your skin which is also a bonus!


These are just four basic points of skin care. A place to start if you are trying to get better at looking after your skin. Remember your skin is important and is only as good as you treat it! Don’t try jumping into the deep end and have a full on skin care routine, because you most likely wont stick to it. Build it up and see what your comfortable with.

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