Jeffree Star Cosmetics – I’m Royalty

This weeks feature lipstick is one of my favourites for winter! Jeffree Star Cosmetics in I’m Royalty. This is a shade that has been out for a long time. If I remember correctly it was one of the first shades he released!



Here is what it looks like! You can see that this is a true purple compared to last weeks post on Blow Pony. This is a purple that anyone could pull off because it is such a true colour. I’m Royalty applies beautifully and is easy to wear on the lips. I haven’t worn this in a long time due to it being summer here in Australia, but don’t worry, as soon as it starts getting cooler I’ll be rocking this colour all of the time!IMG_0061


Here are a couple of photos of me wearing this beautiful colour! Like I said its been a while since I wore this colour, so I think these photos are from around August last year. But still, I love how bold this is and how easy it can be to pull off. You can pair this with so many different looks and I am excited to see what I can do later this year!

I am so glad that this a apart of the permanent line as I know that when I run out I will want this back in my life pretty quickly. I feel that this colour also doesn’t separate as badly as some of the others do when left alone in the packing for a long period of time. Which for me is nice to see as it always does worry me a little how badly some can separate.

Let me know what you think of this colour!

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I hope to see you next time~!


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