Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blow Pony

Hey everyone! So this week I am talking about the beautiful shade Blow Pony. I am honestly not a huge fan of the name, it makes me a feel a little awkward to say, but I LOVE this colour. So I am not too bothered by this. This is one of Jeffree Star’s more recent colours and I love it. I wasn’t sure how I would go pulling off this colour, but again, I love it, so I don’t stress about that!


Here is what it looks like in the packaging, and I think it is a pretty good match, though my lighting isn’t great, so I am sorry about that, but still. I think this is a colour that would amazing on dark skin tones, just because purple generally always looks great on darker skin. I do like how this looks on myself as well, which makes this a colour that can be worn by many different people!


Something a bit different from me in regards to selfies, in this photo I am at work! I am wearing this sort of colour there because I was mostly by myself and wanted a change from the daily nudes that I tend to wear. This photo is taken in artificial light, seeing as I’m inside, but I love this. This is a really basic makeup look and I use the lip stick to bring something to it. I feel like you can wear this on the daily if you feel comfortable doing that. I wouldn’t recommend this for a normal desk job though, as I feel like people are still getting used to seeing crazy lip colours.

12575862_10208393810422039_462866244_n 12606891_10208393810582043_718681780_n

I don’t really remember where I was going on this day, but I can tell I am back at my parents house! This photo was taken in natural lightening. I love how you can clearly see the colour in this photo, a beautiful lilac colour.

This is a colour I could wear everyday. I love how this looks and how it can bring a look to life and give it a totally different feel. I am so glad to see more purple shades hitting the market and a lilac was def needed. I hope more purple shades come out in the future!

The wear time on this is just as amazing as all the over Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks, just like the others, I have no issue wearing this for a long period of time. One thing to help me feel comfortable wearing a product like this is drinking water throughout the day. It helps keep you hydrated and not wanting to lick your lips or anything like that. I talk a lot at work and notice that this doesn’t fade, so if you talk a lot, these are the lippies for you!

Let me know what you think of this shade!

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I hope to see you next time~!


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