Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Posh Spice

Hey guys! I have decided to start a new series on my blog! This is every Saturday I will be writing a review of one of my lipsticks! For the start of this series I will most likely go through most of my Jeffree Star Lipsticks, because I do get asked a lot to get my post up about them. To be honest writing it in one big post is daunting, so I have decided to do it this way instead! This means 3 posts a week from me so get ready!


First up in on of my favourites and that is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Posh Spice, this is a product that I have been wearing a lot lately for work and I love it! This is a brown toned nude, which when I first saw it, I wasn’t sure that it would actually look any good on me.

I bought this at the end of last year and I have worn it a LOT since then, more now that I am working because I feel like it is just ‘normal’ enough to get away with.

One thing that I have noticed and really love is that these are incredibly long wearing, and now just through walking around and being it hot weather, but lasting throughout the whole day with me constantly talking. I also eat (non super oily food) and drink throughout the day and not have any problems! If there is any sort of wear and tear, that is more from the condition of my lips and my nervous habits.

Next are two selfies of me wearing it! I am pretty sure this is the first time I tried it on and was getting a feel for it. Sorry that I only have two photos to show, but when you get up and have to get going in 1 hour you don’t tend to remember to take a selfie before walking out the door!

12511875_10208363421822343_1663251992_n 12516140_10208363421742341_1195277997_n

I really do love this colour, but I do feel that it might not be a colour for everyone. There have been days where I have put this on and not been 100% confident or happy wearing it. That doesn’t mean though that this isn’t a great colour! If you have been thinking of getting it you should!

These don’t dry out my lip and are super comfortable on the lips! I wear this for 8+ hours a day if I’m at work and I don’t once think about wanting to scrub my lips to get this off.

Something that really is important with a liquid lipstick like this is the applicator. This has a doe foot applicator, which you can see in the first photo I have, and it makes putting this on. Well, for me it is super easy, I can easily cover my lover lip with only a couple passes, only once loaded with product. And then go back in and do the top lip. One thing I would suggest while applying these is that you DON’T rub your lips together between applying the top and bottom lip. For some shades that will crate a lip that is hard to cover up. So I generally will just apply this and that’s it.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is super popular now, so there are many different websites, and even a few retail stores that now sell these. Which is great because it makes them more accessible for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think 🙂

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I hope to see you next time~!


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