(OH) Deer Sugar Review!

(Oh) Deer Sugar is a brand that started online and now has a physical store in Adelaide, South Australia! This is super exciting and when the store first opened I went with some fellow bloggers and checked it out! You can see my thoughts here and also what I first picked up! Now most of these products I have used up, but there is one that I still haven’t tried yet and I will explain why when I get to it!


My most recent purchase has been this Shower Moose in the scent (OH) Confetti Fawn which is a scent that I have used in the past and you will see below! Because I have used this scent before I knew that I would like this! I have never really seen or tried a product like this but I was super excited to! This was around $22AUD and on the packaging says you should get around 30 days worth. So for me this is going to be a bit more of a treat product than a daily one. I have tried this once and it did confuse me for a bit until I got it on my Body Shop Sponge, but after I got it working it worked just like any other soap! It smelt great and the smell lingered which I was super happy about!!


This is a product that I used up a LONG time ago. This is the Candied Blueberry Pie which is a bubble bath product. I think I used this when I was visiting my BF and it was so yummy and worked super well! I would pick this up again but I now live in a unit that doesn’t have a bath! (A moment of silence for me) But if I go on holiday and know that I have a bath at the hotel I would def get this again to treat myself! I think this was around $3 – $5AUD.


Sadly I am not the biggest fan of this soap, my first complaint is that it didn’t last long (but when I last talked to the staff they said they were fixing this, so the product might be different now). But for this scent I was so bloody happy this didn’t last long! This is in the scent (OH) Use Your Melon, which is a watermelon and lime scent. I am so sorry for saying bad things, but I HATED this and it smelt so bad on me, my sister even agreed with me. I hated this so much and I couldn’t be done with it fast enough.



After coming off of a sour note, this is one of my favourite scents from (OH) Deer Sugar, as this is the same sent as the Shower Moose. This is again (OH) Confetti Fawn which is described as a Jelly Beans & Popping Candy scent. I love this so much because it is very sweet without being totally crazy! There is actually popping candy in there and this makes it into a nice scrubbing soap which is nice! The reason that there is an extra chunk is because (OH) Deer Sugar will give out samples and this is how I got that!



This is the only product I haven’t tried yet, and the reason I haven’t is because I am going to save this for when I go traveling again! Because these soaps don’t last super long, (breaking them into thirds will help with longevity) I thought it would be good to save it for then. This way I have the chance of using it up and bringing something back in its place! Now because I haven’t used this I can’t comment on how it smells on the body, but in the packet it smells AMAZING!

Recently I was also lucky enough to try their newest product Salted Caramel Body Scrub and OMG I am going to be picking this up! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It smells amazing and left my skin feeling super amazing. If you get the chance, seriously go in-store and give this a smell! You won’t regret it! Thank you so much for letting me sample this body scrub I seriously loved it! (Sorry I didn’t take a photo of it)


If you want to look at what other products that have here is their website: http://www.ohdeersugar.com/

They also ship internationally and have a few different social media pages! So this gives you the perfect chance to really check out their stuff! Another thing that I really love about this brand is that there isn’t glitter in everything, which is something that really annoys me about LUSH. I love baths, but not when I have the shower and clean the bath again afterwards.

Let me know what you think of their products and what you would recommend!

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I hope to see you next time~!


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