Jeffree Star – Androgyny ft. PastelSparkles

Hey Guys!

After the great news of Jeffree Star declaring that Androgyny is becoming a perm colour for next year,myself and the ever beautiful Pastel Sparkles decided that we would do a little colab showing what the shade looks like on our different skin tones and with our different makeup styles!

At this point you would be hard pressed to not know about this shade and all the hype that was surrounding it. When it first released on the 6th of December it sold out in under 5 hours! (I believe this is because the 2 per person limit was taken off) and then just this weekend past he had a restock of 10,000 units which sold out in 45 minutes!!! Guys! This colour is popular and there is a reason why.

When this first started arriving at people’s houses, there was a bit of confusion because it turns out that Androgyny is darker then what everyone thought it was going to be. Now I’m not too fussed as I can pull off most colours, but I know a lot of people were sad because now they felt it didn’t look good on them.

IMG_1287 IMG_1288

Here is a hand swatch and a look at the beautiful packaging! Now I haven’t thrown out the packaging for these, I think the boxes are really pretty so yea. Now as you can see this is a darker colour, which is a bit more of a winter shade (lucky Northern Hemisphere) but this is still totally wearable all year around. I will def still be wearing this! And seeing as Adelaide is a little confused as to what season we are in, it’s still perfect to wear!

Now for the part that everyone is really here for, some photos of what it actually looks like on! I have a couple photos of myself with it on, and a couple from the beautiful Pastel Sparkles! But if you want her full review make sure to head over there as well!


I know this photo isn’t the most helpful for a makeup look, but this is the first time I ever wore Androgyny and knew that I loved it, I feel that this is still a good photo because it does show you how dark it can look in the shade. For this photo I had just opened my package, threw it on and walked out the door. And believe it or not I got complimented on it! I was so happy because it’s not something that happens often πŸ™‚ and when I told the women that it was Jeffree Star, one of them freaked out and also started to brag about the brand and the colour!

IMG_1294 IMG_1306

These are some photos that I took before I left the house the first time I wore Androgyny, I was having a moment and loving it hahah. Can’t forget to have a goofy photo in there either!


This is my makeup for today! Androgyny is such an easy colour to wear, you don’t need to do anything crazy to make it work! On my eyes is a few shadows from the UD Naked Palette. I can def see me getting a lot of use out of this shade and so I am super happy that I got it!

12270538_10153536347327530_1329902117_n 12272945_10153536347347530_579987886_n

Here is the beautiful Pastel Sparkles wearing it in two different settings and looking absolutely amazing! These photos also show you how different Androgyny can look in different settings and light. I love how you can pair this with many different styles πŸ™‚ The first photo she is looking super serious and it looks like it would be a great colour for a business meeting and in the second its great for just a casual day out with friends! (I love that coat she is wearing XD super cute) I seriously love this colour on Sarah and I am so glad that she loves it! She was someone who was worried that it wouldn’t look good on her because Androgyny was darker then we were all expecting. I am glad that she does love it and that we could both work together on this post! Please go over to her post and show her love! Make sure to tell her how good it looks on her!

Overall I love this colour so much, and I actually have a backup of it! At the time of the sale I wasn’t sure if I had actually gotten my hands on it so I went to an Australian website and got one from there as well. I am so glad that I now have this in the holiday packaging and I am sure that when this comes out next year in the normal pink packaging Jeffree will still have a hard time keeping up with demand. I feel like this is another Unicorn Blood, a shade that everyone loves and everyone wants!!

Just remember, that even though its sold out, it will be coming back! So if people are re-selling it for crazy prices, just try to wait so you can get it for a better price! I love this shade, am glad that its coming back and that I have a backup! Jeffree Star seems to be having trouble keeping shades limited edition because everyone loves them too much. Good work Jeffree Star!

I have now got all of the colours in the current collection and so will be working towards having a full swatch post! Hopefully that won’t take me too long and will be up soon!

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I hope to see you next time~!


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