Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday Set

Hey Guys!

Now, at this point every knows about the Hunger Games that was trying to get your hands on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday sets, or even just one or two colours from the set. I was lucky enough to still be able to get my hands on the set even though I only got up at 10:30am when the set went on sale at roughly 4am Adelaide time! When I did manage to get on the site, Androgyny as a single colour had already sold out! But luckily, the set was still in stock at that point, so I still managed to get it! Shortly after I got my set though it did sell out. Now I did get all of these from Jeffree Star’s site directly as this is where I have been getting all of mine in the past. (Although if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I did also get some from Rouch Boutique.)IMG_1319

So I have no doubt at this point that we all know what the set looks like in the packaging as it has been flooding most social media as everyone’s packages have arrived. So I will be no different and post my own photo! As always the packaging is beautiful and looks awesome, and true to what Jeffree Star said, the packaging is exactly the same just white instead of his trademark pink. I love the white with the rose gold logo!


Here is the swatches of the product on the back of my hand! I will talk about the shades in the order that that appear and some of the comments that I have just from swatching some and from wearing a couple others!

First up is Drug Lord, which is just a straight up white colour! Now one thing I want to say straight away is that looking at my swatch the colour looks so pigmented and amazing that I don’t regret getting it BUT it doesn’t swatch this pigmented. For me is not streak-y as such, but you would need a couple of layers carefully applied if you wanted a bold white lip. But I know a lot of people will be using this as a mixer rather than wearing it by itself. I also wanna try using this as an eyeliner and see how that goes!

Next up is Doll Parts, and this is a shade that I think will get a lot of use as it is a nice pink shade that could be worn all year round. I haven’t worn this yet, but my friend Sarah wore it the other day and it looked amazing on her!

The middle shade is the coveted Androgyny, when trying to get my hands on the set, I had doubts that because the individual was sold out that I might not get my hands on this shade from the set, I was wrong thankfully, but that didn’t stop me before I went to Rouche Boutique an Australian website and picked up a backup before it sold out there as well! There has been a little bit of controversy over this shade now that it has been released and this is that it is darker then what it looked like in the promo pics! Now that I have mine I agree, it does look darker in person than what it did online, but this doesn’t bother me at all. I have found that I love this either way so that’s all that matters! I have already worn this and loved it 🙂 and while wearing it for the first time I got complimented on it!

The red of the collection is Hoe Hoe Hoe and I was super excited about this because I love red lipsticks and so I knew I had to get my hands on this colour! This shade has red and purple glitters in it that are more obvious once you tap or rub your lips lightly. I have worn this and loved it! I will say though that the doe foot doesn’t look super attractive when you take it out of the packaging, but that is most likely from the glitter.

Lastly is the bold green on the end which is Mistletoe. I was so excited to see this shade as more and more people are getting excited about wearing these sorts of colours! I haven’t worn this out all day yet, but I have tried it on and I really liked it! My only strong comment is that at the moment my Mistletoe is really watery, and I don’t know if mine is the only one that does that. So far it hasn’t affected how it feels on the lips or really the colour. But I am a little worried as I have never had this with any of his other colours! I am hoping that it is just the heat that is affecting the product and that when it cools down a bit it will solidify a bit!!

Overall I am super happy that I have these in my collection! And that I also now have a backup of Androgyny. Not gonna lie though, I do think that part of the reason Androgyny sold out so quickly is because Jeffree Star took off the 2 per customer limit, and so some people would have gone crazy with the colour. I remember watching his snapchat and he thought he had prepared enough stock to last to December… not 5 hours so yea! If you still desperately want to get your hands on this, you might have a chance soon as Jeffree Star has stated that he will be getting a small restock shortly. So you will just have to keep an eye out for that!

I have also picked up the last few shades I was missing from the collection, so once I get them all together I will try and complete a post about all the shades so far. Hopefully he doesn’t release any more in the close future! I am super excited to see his eyeshadow palette and bullet lipsticks though!!

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I hope to see you next time!


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