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A while ago, while casually sitting in class, I got an email from Makeup Geek reminding me that I had products in my cart, and because of this, they gave me free shipping! (I wasn’t the only one to receive this code) So, I messaged some of my friends and asked if I should commit while shipping wasn’t an issue, they said of course! So now I have some lovely Makeup Geek products to talk about!


First I am going to talk about the Blush Pan at the bottom! I was honestly surprised when this appeared because I don’t remember ordering a blush! But I don’t mind, because thankfully, this is the type of blush colour that I love anyway! This is in the shade Romance and I can totally understand why people are in love with the Makeup Geek blushes! I have used this a few times and I really do love it! It is a peachy colour with a strong gold sheen. In the photo you can sort of see what I mean by the gold, but with the brush that I use, it can be strong, so if you don’t use highlighter or don’t want to use highlighter, just use this and you will be fine! But seeing as I am all about the glow in the warmer months I have been pairing this with Champagne Pop by Becca (Which is still available at this point and will be released in a Christmas palette.)

The eyeshadows I picked up are (L – R/ T – B) Vanilla Bean, Frappe, Goddess and Last Dance. I was really happy, because these arrived just before I went on holiday! So it meant that I could bring these with me and try them out! I am glad that I picked up Vanilla Bean because it is a shade that matches me pretty well, making it great for blending! I have also used this over my Inglot Gel eyeliners (review) to cancel out the white, so it looks like I don’t have a base down. I found that this also helped me blend out the shades I put over top.

Frappe is a shade I picked up to try and get myself more into neutral colours, and also in the hope that I will be able to use this as a transition shade for when I finally get around to doing some crazy eyeshadow looks!

Goddess is a shade I knew I would instantly fall in love with, it’s a shadow that has a slight sheen to it, which is something that I want to get into, so I’m not always a sparkly eyeshadow person. I got this because I knew I would be able to use it alot and get a real feel for the eyeshadows.

Last Dance I picked up because I knew I would use this a lot to darken up my outer eye, which is something that I do nearly everyday. I wanted a little different from straight brown or black, I am so happy I picked this up! Because blended with Goddess, it looks amazing and I now know I made the right choice.

When I made the order I wanted to make sure I got shadows that I would actually use and wanted to try. I did ask around and even asked my close friends what shades they use to judge which ones might be good for me! I didn’t really realise until they showed up that I had a perfect little collection of neutral shades! I am thankful though, because it means if I want to leave all my big palettes home, I can just bring these shades and be set!

IMG_0218 IMG_0219

Also available on the Makeup Geek website is Sugar Pill products! I have seen so many people talk about the brand and rave about it! I also follow them on Instagram and my interest in Sugar Pill products has only been growing! To start off my collection, I thought I would be the cult favourite of cult favourites, Lumi. I have been getting more interested in these short of shades, both for inner corner highlight and also layering over darker colours. OMG, the hype is real, I LOVE THIS SHADE!! OMG I am so glad this is now in my life! I love this soooo much and have no regrets in picking this up! The only thing I am a little wary of is the fact that there is no shifter in the packaging, so I’m always a little scared when I open this and go to use it! Other than that, I am 100% happy with this product~!

You can get all of these products from Makeup Geeks website! I will link both my affiliate link and a normal link below.

Affiliate Link

Normal Link

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Let me know what you recommend from Makeup Geek!

I hope to see you next time~!


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