Mask of Magnaminty – Lush Face Mask

Lush is a brand that is well known throughout the beauty community both for their masks and their bath products! I love using both types of products and really need to get better at using them in general! I am not someone who uses a mask regularly, which I know I should try and get into, but oh well, that is something that I need to work! This post is going to be about the face mask Mask of Magnaminty which is a face mask that you DON’T need to keep in the fridge, which is something I really like, because I honestly forget I have a mask if it’s in the fridge.


This is what it looks like in the pot! Now I know that the packaging isn’t in English, besides the title, and thats because I was in Japan when I picked this up! I was looking for a face mask and this was a product I already knew and tried. So I knew what this would do for me without having to try and translate everything. Now obviously I have used this, this isn’t what it looks like when you get it from the store, and if it does, I would be worried!

This product, as the name sort of suggests, have a very strong minty smell, it reminds me of Extra chewing gum and I love the smell of that. So I love the smell of this too! It can be a little over powering in the pot, but that is to be expecting concidering its just full of it. This is a mask that does have little junks of stuff in it. This is so when you wash off the mask, you can exfoliate your face a little as well. The pieces aren’t sharp, they are quite dull and large, so there is no threat of scratching your face up.


This is what it looks like on! You can see the lumps that I was talking about in this photo, they don’t feel weird on the skin, but can make it a little difficult to put on, so be aware of that! The minty smell isn’t too strong once on the face, unless you do like what I have done, and stick it right under your nose. In which case, yea, it can still be strong, but seeing as I like the smell of mint, it doesn’t bother me.

This face mask is a relevtivly short one, in that you only wear this for 5 – 10 minutes before washing it off. So I will generally put this on before getting into the shower and then just washing it off in there. This, for me is the best way to rememeber to use face masks because I don’t have to go out of my way to wash it off and try and not get the rest of myself drenched.

I have mildly sensetive skin and this product doesn’t bother my face at all which is something that I am really thankful for! For myself, I like to put a little extra on my nose and chin, while just making sure that everything else is lightly covered. My nose and chin are my biggest concern areas, so thats why I do this. I find that this does leave my face feeling tight afterwards. But once I have finished up with my skin care routine, that isn’t the case. I also kinda like that tightening feeling because then it lets me know that the mask has indeed done its job.

Overall I really do enjoy using this face mask and have picked it up many times in the past, and will probably pick it up again in the future when I run out. I love how this smells and I enjoy what this does for my skin, which is 2 big points when re-purchasing a product. It’s also important to remember NOT to throw away the packaging! Because when you have 5 empty pots, you can bring them in-store and get a free fresh face mask (this is one that NEEDS TO GO IN THE FRIDGE) so keep that in mind!!

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