Face of Australia – Calypso Bay Nail Polish Collection

Now I’m not sure how old this collection is, but I have fallen in love with this collection instantly and am now on the hunt for the last few shades that I want. This is a collection by Face of Australia and is called Calypso Bay. I haven’t heard much about it, but that doesn’t really surprise me, as I barely ever hear anything about Face of Australia. Also to be fair, I only really buy their nail polish anyway, so sorry about that on my behalf!

Altogether there are 8 shades but I currently only own 5 of them. There is a mix of blue, green, purple, pink and gold. There is 1 shade in the collection though that I will NOT be picking up, because in the bottle it just does not appeal to me in any shape or form. I am kinda sad about that but oh well! There are still 7 other beautiful shades in the collection.


Here is an overview of all the shades that I currently own! I have been wearing the shade on the far left for about a week and it still looking pretty darn good! I am so impressed and am actually gonna re-paint my nails because I wanna try another shade!! The colours above are (L-R): Itsy Bitsy Bikini, Summer Breeze, Rainforest Rendezvous, A Mermaid’s Tale and lastly Blue Lagoon.


These are close-ups of the shades Blue Lagoon and A Mermaid’s Tale. Blue Lagoon is as the name suggests, a light blue shade I am loving how this looks in the bottle and am hoping this will look just as good on my nails! Next is A Mermaid’s Tale which is one of the shades I picked up on the first round of trying to get all of the colours in this collection. I think this will be a great shade for days when your on the beach or by the water.


Rainforest Rendezvous is a beautiful green, and the name 100% matches the colour. I am so excited to try this colour and I am hoping it looks just as beautiful in the bottle as it does on me! I am a little worried that it might not match me, but we will just have to find out!

IMG_1195 IMG_1194

The last two shades that I currently have are the two purples of the collection! First is Summer Breeze and then Itsy Bitsy Bikini. Again I am yet to try Summer breeze, but I feel that this might be a shade that I will probably wear more on my toes, but I will prob also wear it on my fingers anyway! Lastly is Itsy Bitsy Bikini and I HAVE worn this shade! So far it’s the only one that I have tried and it has been lasting so well on my nails I can’t believe it! I love how this looks on so I’m super happy that I picked this up!

I honestly can’t explain how much I am enjoying the Face of Australia Nail Polish formula. This isn’t the first collection that I have picked up from the brand, and I dought that it will be the last! I think that I will be a huge fan of this formula for a while and will be using them for a long time! If you have thought about trying the nail polishes from Face of Australia do it!

The price of these is so reasonable and I’m so thankful! They are $4.95 and available at Priceline! Or at least, that has been where I have always picked these up from!!

So overall, I am in love with this collection and if you can get your hands on some I def think you should give one a try!





Let me know what you guys think of this collection!

I will see you next time!


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