Annoying Legs and Shaving

Now, this might be TMI for people, which I can understand! But, surely I’m not the only one out there that struggles with fussy legs that are a pain after shaving. I have slowly found a few ways to help my legs not be so annoying (and kinda gross looking) once I get out of the shower!

Firstly, my legs weren’t always a pain in the butt to try and deal with, my problems began when I tried using one of those creams that remove your hair for you and you just scrape it off after an amount of time. Something in this product DID NOT LIKE ME and since then if I shave my legs in the shower, they become super itchy and I get heaps of ingrown hairs. A few years ago this happened, but after that I couldn’t eat certain foods or wear certain clothes because it made this worse. I am giving you this information so that way you can better understand how I have gotten to where I am with shaving my legs.

A huge thing that has improved shaving my legs, is taking away from the shower and just using an electric shaver. If you can get a good one you won’t have to buy razor blades unless in an emergency. Which is a money saver haha! I have found an electric shaver doesn’t annoy the skin the same way that a shaver will. Because of this it meant I didn’t get itchy legs and they didn’t look dry as hell either. Another advantage to the electric shaver is that your leg hairs actually grow slower and softer! So this means shaving less often which is great!! This can make things a little difficult after a while though because the leg hair become super fine, but later on I will mention a way to help with this!

If you are afraid of electric shavers (which I used to be) or just want to stick with a shaver to keep everything in a normal rhythm or in the shower. My next suggestion is a body scrub, now obviously you can’t really do this everyday, but this method will help with being able to shave and not have a horrible time of it!


For something quick and easy to use in the shower, I use this! It’s more liquidy than a lot of other body scrubs which makes it easier to use in the shower. You can use this instead of you soap which works really well and can save you a bit of time! I do love the smell of this product which is why I say you can use it that way! I do also use this on my arms as I do get little pimples there as well, and this does help reduce those. I will put this on and scrub myself for a good 15 seconds just to make sure I don’t miss any part of my leg and that everything is working for me. I will then just go in and shave! Thankfully this works so well for me, leaves me skin super soft and no annoying itchy or gross looking legs! Just you know, make sure you moisturise afterwards because you are exfoliating!

Now, as I mentioned before, using an electric shaver will eventually make your leg hair really soft and actually really hard to shave! This is from my own experience anyway, so if this is the case, try mixing the two solutions above together! This way, the leg hairs will grow back slightly thicker and make them easier to shave!

I know this is a bit of a weird post, but I hope it was able to help someone!

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I hope to see you next time!


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