Recently on Instagram NARS sent out messages to fans asking for their postage details so they could send you a gift! I was one of the lucky people who DID receive this email and after checking with other people I sent off my PO box details to receive this gift! I honestly didn’t really know what to expect, but when I came home to my rents place, sitting on my bed was a box from FedEx! I was confused at first but quickly worked out what had come for me! I cannot express how lucky I feel to get something like this. This, for me, is the first time I have been contacted by a brand to receive anything. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen what I got because I honestly couldn’t wait to express how thankful I was to NARS.


I love how this was packaged and sent to me. It was sent in a big box to make sure that the NARS bag wouldn’t be folded and arrived in perfect condition. The back (which is the background) has a magnetic closure and I honestly think it’s the cooled and I don’t think I will ever throw it away. The products and note arrived inside the bag wrapped in black paper. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it up to see the two products they had sent me! I had been looking at the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows, but didn’t want to touch them in case I wanted them and would be sad about how expensive they are. Now I have one and I am so excited to use it! The Velvet Shadow Stick is beautiful and I am so grateful to have this in my collection and have high hopes for its future.


This is the shade that I received of the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow is Pasiphae. This is such a beautiful shade, I would have lusted after this if I had given myself the chance to touch these. I cannot believe that this is a part of my collection, and after touching it I totally understand why everyone went gaga over these shadows. It is so nice to touch and swatches so well on my hand. You don’t need to press hard and even after touching it a few times the design imprinted hasn’t budged a bit. I am so excited to try using this in so many different looks, even though it looks like a scary colour, it honestly just makes me more excited to see what I can do with my makeup looks.


Next up is the Velvet Shadow Stick in Goddess. I haven’t heard much about these, but then again I also haven’t been hunting out information on them. The colour of this will be great for so many different occasions which I think is great. The packaging is beautiful and I love how it has the coloured tab on the bottom so you can store them up-side-down and still see what the colour is. The packaging is sleek and beautiful just like all NARS products. I am interested to see how this is going to work on my oily eyelids. I have high hopes I can say that much!!


Here is the two products swatched. On the right is the Dual-Intensity eyeshadow and on the right is the Velvet Shadow Stick. The photo, as always doesn’t do the eye shadow justice, this shines so beautifully in the light and has green shimmer in it that is gorgeous in the right light. The Shadow Stick I have incredibly high hopes for because this stayed on my hand for HOURS. I didn’t scrub at it or anything like that, I just left it on my hand and forgot about it. This dries with a matte feeling but not uncomfortable. I feel that these two will look great together and that is why NARS sent both.

Again I cannot express how thankful I feel to receive something like this. These products are cheap and the fact that NARS was willing to send these to me from America is just incredible. Thank you so much NARS and I am so excited to use these and love them in the future! Knowing me now though, I’ll love them so much that I will want to get more, so well played NARS haha!

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See you next time!! 😀


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