Flutterlyte Soy Candles

So while walking around a local shopping center, trying to get things done without spending too much money, I happened across a little candle stall. As someone who always loves to have a candle burning, I knew that I had to stop and smell what she had to offer. OMG big mistake because I bought two candles right away and then the next day I dragged Procrasticatlan with me to go back and get more. We are both candle lovers so I knew that she would also enjoy these!

The brand is Flutterlyte and at the moment they have just got little stalls that they set up in shopping centers around Adelaide. They so far only have a Facebook and an Instagram, so here is the link to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/flutterlytesoycandles/timeline


On the first trip, I picked up these two candles in the scents Redskin and Watermelon. The reason that I got these straight away was honestly more because of the scent that Redskin gave than anything. In Australia, there is a candy called redskin that shares this scent. The candy isn’t quite as sweet as this, but still almost the same which made me want to get this so badly. I was so surprised and impressed at how this smelt, I knew that I couldn’t pass it up! When I got home I instantly lit this and I had no regrets in my purchase. This candle lightly scented the room so that it wasn’t overpowering. Even when my cousin got home she said she could smell it as soon as she opened the door! One nice thing though is that it nicely scented the living room but didn’t over power the rest of the house, so if you wanted different scents in different rooms, its totally possible. After I while I noticed that I needed to cut the wick of the Redskin candle so I blew it out, but it was burning so nicely that it wasn’t even a problem.

After about an hour I decided to try the Watermelon candle, and OMG its just as nice as the Redskin candle. This is such a nice fresh scent and I’m so glad that I decided to pick this one up. This burns just as nicely as the Redskin candle. Sadly I couldn’t burn this one for as long so I hope this will still burn really nicely. I did find that this one had a slightly stronger scent throw than the Redskin candle. But this didn’t bother me because this candle wasn’t as much of a sweet smell.


When I went back with Caitlan (Procrasticaitlan) I knew I wanted to get something else from the brand. These are melts, not something that I use as often, but a product that I will still use none the less. I also figured this would be a good way to try more of the scents without spending as much money. The scents that I got are Sweet Lemongrass, Watermelon, Champagne and Strawberry and Redskin. I’m super keen to try these out and I hope they smell as great as they do in the pot. I will also be interested in how long the scent lasts for. As I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere. Exciting times ahead!

Overall I’m super excited about trying these out and using them all the time. I hope I can find her again in the future when I am starting to run out as I think that I will be using these for a long time! I am in love with the smells and am so glad that I stumbled across this new brand!





See you next time!!!


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