Purple Hair!!

When I came back from Japan I knew that I wanted to something a bit crazy with my hair, there was no way I was going to cut it, because I’m trying to grow it out. So that meant doing some crazy colour! When I first asked my rents they didn’t seem to thrilled by the idea, but didn’t stop me or deter me from doing this. I didn’t go super crazy, as what is becoming the trend, because I knew that this wouldn’t really match my style. I also knew that I wouldn’t like having my air one bold colour, because it hasn’t been that for almost 5 years now.

IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012

So this is what my hair looked like as soon as we had walked out of the salon. I LOVED how this turned out! It was pretty much how I imagined it and I’m so excited! I am sorry in the fact that I didn’t ask what exactly was used in my hair, because at the time I didn’t really think about it. All I do remember is that the hair dresser said this was a ‘newer’ type of product because it had both the colour and some bleach in the product to lighten the hair. This obviously worked super well with my hair, because I naturally have fair hair, so lightening it and adding the purple just gave the purple more life.

The amount of hair coloured is about the bottom third of my head, there were no foils used for this. It was just slapped straight on my head and away we went! I did also get foils put into the rest of my hair. Like I mentioned I have fair hair, but not as blonde as what I look like when I come out obviously. Also as mentioned I had come back from Japan, so hello regrowth!

Excluding the time it took to put all the foils in my hair, it would have taken maybe half and hour to do the purple. Maybe 10 minutes to actually cover my hair, and then 20 minutes to let the product do its thing.

IMG_0064 IMG_0068 IMG_0071

This is my hair roughly 2 weeks later and washing it three times. I just use Herbal Essence shampoo and condition, so nothing too fancy. When washing it the first 3-4 times, purple WILL come out of your hair, the hair dresser did also warn me of this. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be SO purple when I washed it, so they mean it when they tell you to use a purple towel! I found that the texture of my hair did change a little, but the last time I washed my hair I used the Macadamia Natural Oil – Healing Oil Treatment on it. It now feels like it did before I had it coloured which I’m super happy about!

The colour has not faded which I’m super happy about! It looks just as good as when I got it done in the salon. One thing I have loved since getting this done is the responses. So far everyone who has seen it has loved it! And of course commented on how in your face it is! I feel like a couple of my friends couldn’t find me at the start because of it! But now I think it’s gonna make me a lot easier to find which is always a bonus!

In the future my hair dresser will also be holding a 20 year anniversary party and donating the night to a foundation. Which I think is super great and am super excited about! I will actually get to model for this event, because once my hair was washed and dried the owner just walked up behind me and straight out asked if I would model because of my hair. I said yes and they instantly started to plan out some things on my head haha! This event happens in November so I will make sure to take photos and post them here!

I am so glad that I got this done and am loving it! I am glad that I only got the purple on the underside of my hair, because it means that I can hide the purple by simple taking my hair down and only letting people see the top layers. One thing most people have also commented on is that it looks great when I put my hair in a bun, because the purple and blonde mix together!





See you next time!!


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