Oh Deer Sugar

So! Last week PastelsparklesProcrasticaitlan and I went to a new store that had just opened up because Pastelsparkles had actually won a Facebook competition and so we all wanted to check it out! The store is so cute and so well laid out, it was such a good experience and I’m so glad I went with these two amazing girls! Admittedly, before I had been tagged on Facebook, I had never heard of this brand. But I do know and I honestly don’t think I will be forgetting it anytime soon!

IMG_0040IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039

These photos sort of give you the general idea of what the store looks like and what products are available. One thing that I really liked is that nothing was super over powering, which can happen in stores like this. I think this is because everything is packaged nicely, trapping the smells with the product. I liked how simple the layout of the store was, because it meant it was easier to move around and you could pretty much see everything on offer at a glance. One thing I forgot to take a photo of was the ‘specials board’ which is a giant roll of paper held up on the wall with the specials written on there. This sadly took me a while to find, but was really helpful once found! The specials were written in huge writing and the products mentioned also weren’t hard to find.

The names of the products are generally straight to the point which is great as it makes it easier, at a glance to tell what the main ingredients are. It also made it easier to sometimes identify what some of the sample products were, compared to the already packaged ones.


Here is an overview of all the things that I picked up! I honestly wanted to get so many of the bath products, but I still have a box and jar full of Lush products, so I figured it would be better to wait until I used some of those up before buying more. That being said, I did still pick up 1 bubble bath products and three soaps. The chunk of soap that is sitting on top was actually a freebie! You were given a piece once paying for your products which I think is a great idea!

IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0051

Here is the bath product! I was glad that this was already cut up as it meant that I didn’t have to worry about putting the wet left overs somewhere to dry. This smelt sooooo nice once the water started to hit it and left the bath a beautiful purple colour (as you can see in the right photo). The bubbles this created were great! But as I was also testing out this spa bath for my boyfriends parents, we did have some problems. Such as water pressure and heat (which there was pretty much none), I have no doubt that this affect the bubbly side of the product. Even then, it still bubbled well and it was great! The smell wasn’t overpowering and even my boyfriend didn’t mind it!

IMG_0045 IMG_0046 IMG_0047

These are the three soaps that I picked up. I honestly love collecting and using soap like this because it’s so cool to see how it works and all the different smells! I honestly don’t know which one out of these that I love the smell of more. THey are all AMAZING and I can’t wait to use them! The scents in the order they appear are (OH) Use Your Melon (Watermelon and Lime), (OH) Confetti Fawn (Jelly Beans and Popping Candy) and lastly (OH) Mountain Stag (Pine and Vanilla).

The middle picture sort of gives you an example of what the bars of soap look like out of the packaging. This is also the free sample that I was talking about at the start of the post. I was really glad that I got this, as it meant it would give a me a good first chance to try these products without feeling bad about using the whole block. The (OH) Mountain Stag would be what you call a ‘manly’ scent, but I honestly don’t care, I will prob use this myself anyway because this IS THE GREATEST SMELL EVER! Myself and Procrasticaitlan were both drooling over this smell, and both picked it up, I think we both will use this ourselves anyway. It honestly smells amazing, anyone using this will smell great, guys forget linx, use this!

I luckily have already tried the bath (like mentioned about) and the soap sample, I asked my bf to get it for me after I got out of the bath to try, I figured it would be better to give some form of an opinion rather than lots of pretty pictures. I LOVED this soap, there is ACTUAL POPPING CANDY IN THE SOAP! Which transforms the soap into a more scrub soap, which I personally enjoy and so was pleasantly surprised! I personally am someone who likes a soap that lathers, and thankfully this soap did that. It wasn’t over the top, and it wasn’t so little that you’re spending half your time trying to get suds. It was like the perfect amount. I honestly see myself loving the other soaps and these will be a part of my life for a very long time.

One thing to note with the soaps, is that there are two different sizes that you can buy, obviously I got the smaller size, as I’m going to be the only one using it, and also this will be my first time trying the product. The ‘full’ size of these soap blocks is simply three of the smaller ones connected to form a bigger block. Which it of course more cost effective, but again, first time trying the product so a smaller size was more prefer! Will probably just be purchasing the larger size in the future and breaking it apart to use over a longer period of time.

If your in Adelaide, I def recommend checking this store out next time you are in Rundel Mall! You honestly wont regret it and you will probably be going back for more. If you live outside of Adelaide/ other states their website is here: http://www.ohdeersugar.com/. Looking at their site right now, it says international shipping isn’t available, but that does mean it should be in the future! So keep an eye out for that!





See you next time!


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