Inglot Gel Eyeliner – Review

I have been using Inglot products for a long time but I have never really written a review for any of the products I use! So I have decided to change that and finally get around to writing something! The Inglot Gel Eyeliners are now something that I simply can’t live without for my makeup routine. I honestly don’t really know how I would be doing my makeup if I hadn’t been given a sample of this in store.


These are the two shades that I currently have with me while in Japan, I also have a third which is gold but I didn’t bring that with me because I knew I wouldn’t use it as much as these two. The first one I got was 94 which is the brown shade on the right. This isn’t hard to tell because I am at the bottom of the packaging and starting to try and get everything from the sides. The next one is just a straight up white, I’m really glad that I decided to get this as this makes using bright colours more vibrant on my eyes.


Here is a swatch of the two of these on the back of my hand. I’m sorry there is my shadow in the corner but it was honestly really hard to try and get this shot without my hand shaking like crazy. Thankfully though you can see the colours pretty well and they are very close to how they look in real life.

To begin the actual review I want to say that I DO NOT use this product as an eyeliner, I instead use this as a base for my makeup and never have tried using it as an eyeliner. This is because I do not have the confidence to use it as that nor the proper tools. So please know this is a review based on their ability to preform as an eye shadow base and not a liner.

At the moment I am mainly using shade 94 rather than 76. This is mainly because it saves me a lot of time in the morning because I can just quickly apply a crease shade and then throw something over the lid and be done. Because this is already an easy colour to use, I don’t have to worry to much about making sure it’s completely covered to look good.

The white shade 76 is great for more creative looks or when you want to use bright colours or want the true colour of a shadow to show through. I used this as my base in my last post so please make sure you have a look at that if you have the time! I love this as well because it makes doing crazy looks so much easier and less stressful. Although I don’t use this as often and am so glad that I brought this with me!


I am a person that has seriously oily eyelids, that without some form of base, will crease in roughly 20 mins (I have checked/ timed before and was seriously NOT impressed). But with this product I can honestly get 12+ hours wear out of my eye shadows with the look barely changing at all. Only on SUPER hot or muggy/ humid days will it then start to fail me, but even then I’ve been out for 8+ hours so I’m not super upset! This is a product that is easy to apply, it doesn’t set super fast so it is great for use with pigments as it keeps them in place without much difficulty. One of the few downers is that this can be hard to take off (which is kinda a bonus as well as it means it actually stays on your lid) and also you can’t wear this just as itself with like some other products. I find that if I do not use a shadow to set this it can feel very weird and almost as if your lids are sticking together. But once set with eye shadow this is 100% not a problem and you wont notice a thing! But this did worth mentioning as there are times where I just want to wear it by itself but cant. This being said though I have not tried just putting translucent powder over top to set it.

If you have ever thought about trying an Inglot product, please check this out as I doubt you will regret it! This costs roughly $26 AUD which I don’t think is a bad price. I have had my shade 96 for about 2 years, and with constant use I still have a long way to go before I’m finished! So def worth the money and if you can get a sample, do it!

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Well I hope to see you next time!


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