NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Review

It has been a long time since I have done a review regarding face products, and since I am about to run out of some of mine, I figure this is the best time to start talking about them because it means I truly know how I feel about a product!


So here is what the packaging looks like for this foundation! I really like it because it is simple and to the point. I also like it because you can see what the shade actually is from the outside. Thing I do wish though for though is to make it easier to see how much product is actually left within the packaging. That way I could better gauge how much product I have left and how urgently I need to go out and buy a new one.


Here is the bottom of the packaging which displays the shade number and name and also which kind of foundation it is. I am glad that this isn’t on the main part of the packaging as I feel like that would take away the simplicity of it.


This is a product that I have been using for a long time and have actually repurchased, so that straight away tells you how I feel about the product. While in Japan though there was a long period of time (roughly 3 months) where I didn’t use this because I didn’t want to wear a thicker foundation and so wore one of the thinner ones that I had brought with me. Recently though I went back to it and I 100% remembered while I love this foundation so much. This is a full coverage foundation that is not too heavy on the skin but is def thicker than others (still thinner than the Estee Lauder Double Wear for example) This is a foundation that is easy to blend and layer. I will generally use a buffing brush and I have found this is one of my favourite ways to apply this. I will generally use about 3 pumps to completely cover my face and also most of my neck. I do find that this shade is too dark for me, but once I have blended it down my neck it is no longer a problem. I have also been out in the sun a lot more while away and so have slowly been matching up to it which I am thankful for.

This foundation lasts me all day while still looking amazing! I only have one problem which is that my nose breaks through with oiliness half way through the day, but a blotting sheet fixes that and everything is fine! Recently I have run out of my face primer and so have just been applying this straight to my face after skin care in the morning. I honestly thought this would change how it lasted on my skin, but it honestly didn’t. I haven’t noticed a difference in the way that is behaves and nor has anybody said anything to me about it. So this is a huge plus and I’m thankful! I have been wearing this makeup on super muggy/ humid days (generally around 80% humidity) and I have found that this doesn’t bother the foundation. It just fights on through and looks great even when it comes time to take it off.

While I have been purchasing this product, it did experience a price change, which I was super happy about as it got cheaper! I will generally get mine from Mecca, a store that is similar to Sephora but an Australian version. I cannot wait to get back and get another bottle as I am running out and am sad!
One important thing to note though is that this product DOES NOT come with a pump, that must be purchased separately, luckily though its only $4 which isn’t really an issue.

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I hope you see you next time!


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