Travelling with Pigments

So! I am soon to be travelling back to the land down under. That means many stressful days of packing, mailing stuff home and cleaning the room that has been ‘home’ for the past four months. Obviously this means packing up my makeup to bring home with me! Now I did this as well on the way here but this was the first time that I actually thought about taking photos of it and talking about it. When I was on my way here I was really worried about taking my pigments with me. I didn’t want the product to be flying around in the packaging while in transit, so that when I next opened it I would be covered in product. I honestly had to sit and think about it for a moment, and because of that I thought I should write about how I fixed the issue.

First off, you’re gonna need some tape, I have found that it doesn’t really matter what kind, but you don’t want thick tape as most pigments are only small so try and find something around that size.


OK, so for this post I will be using my pigment from Shiro Cosmetics as my example. As you can see I have product past the sifter and need to get that back into the main section of the packaging and then cover the holes. Because just getting it back into the base is not going to stop it from coming right back out.


Now, you might have a product that you can just tap the product back into the base and so skip the next couple of steps, but one thing with the full size jars from Shiro Cosmetics is that these bad boys are full! So full that the product is compacted into the jar. Because of this, you will have to pop the sifter out to be able to put it back. BE CAREFUL because these are pressed on tightly so you might have the problem of the sifter flying off. I think this might have happened to me the first time because I remember this time that I had to be super careful. In this photo you can kinda see what I mean by how full the packaging is!


Next is pretty simple, pour the product back into the base of the packaging. This is why I had tissue underneath throughout this process because it will go every where. You are dealing with a powder, so just be careful.


Next up you need to clean the sifter, this is because the tape wont stick if its still full of product. I just grabbed a makeup wipe and cleaned it up. Then make sure you dry it off, again it wont stick if the sifter is wet. Now it doesn’t have to be perfectly clean, but generally the area around the wholes need to be clean as that’s what you want to cover.


Next is pretty simple, grab some tape, cut/ rip a small piece off and stick it onto the sifter. I found the easiest way to do this was when the sifter was still detached from the pot. This is because if you put the sifter straight back in, some of the product will escape through the holes making the top slightly dirty again. I also sometimes had product go flying which is a waste. So stick the tape of first and done! I found that I would check the other side to make sure I had actually covered the holes because sometimes I had almost missed. In this case just pull the tape off and retry. One thing is to try and keep the tape from over lapping as this would affect putting it back and also closing the lid. Try to keep everything in the negative space of the sifter.


And this is what it turns out like! I have a fair few pigments and so I obviously just did them all together. I am kinda sad as now I wont be able to really use these before I leave but this will just save me time and make things easier closer to the moving date.

If this helped you out please let me know!





I hope to see you next time!! xx


3 thoughts on “Travelling with Pigments

  1. Awesome post, and advice! I love the idea for putting tape over it. Could you check out my blog and follow it if you like it? Thanks, and I love your blog by the way, and look forward to reading more post! 🙂


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