Urban Decay Naked Palette – Review

Hey Everyone,

While in America, I decided that I would have to pick up the cult favourite Naked palette by Urban Decay. It was pretty expensive but since using it I can understand why, I can also understand why everyone and their Mum owns this palette.

So to start off this review is the traditional image of the product, most likely not necessary because everyone knows what this looks like, but here is a friendly reminder. I honestly don’t know how I feel about the fact that it is a velvet case, but I don’t hate it. The gold foil is really pretty and I do think that it adds to the ‘fancyness’ of the palette. This has a magnetic closure and I really like it. It feels pretty strong so it will travel well if stored nicely.  I haven’t yet covered my palette in a mess, which I’m really thankful for.

Again, traditional photo of what the palette looks like on the inside. There is a mirror (which I think is kinda small) and a reminder of what the palette is called. I think this is kinda cute and brings the front of the palette to this inside.

The colours in this palette, I feel, are really good for beginners and also pros. Having used most of the colours in this palette, my favourites are be the shimmer shades. I feel these blend when and transfer well from the palette to the eye. My favourite shadows would have to be Sidecar, Smog and Hustle. I will often use Sidecar or Smog all over the lid and then put Hustle in the corner.

I so far I haven’t found anything that I super dislike about this palette which makes me really happy! I don’t really use the brush that comes with this palette and have since put the brush back into the palette so there isn’t a gaping hole at the bottom.

While I was away this became available in Australia which I’m SUPER excited about so it means that I will be able to get the other palettes when I return home! I can’t wait to collect the others and have the whole family in my collection.





I hope to see you next time!


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