Tangle Teezer – Review

Hey Everyone,

So I know I haven’t been on here for a very long time, but life got in the way and I am not trying to get back on track! So to start things off again I’m going to post a review!

A few weeks ago I ordered the Tangle Teezer from Sephora and had it shipped to me in Japan. I have heard so many good things about this brush that I really wanted to try it for myself. I generally only brush my hair when I first get out of the shower. This is because it is the most tanglely and also when my hair behaves the best.

Here is a look at the Tangle Teezer that I purchased!

I decided to go with the pink one as the other ones that were available weren’t that interesting to me and didn’t catch my attention. This is a really vibrant pink which I really like because it stands out and makes it easier to find on my mess of a desk.

This is sort of on overview of the brush, I got the travel version and I’m kinda glad as I feel this helps protect the bristles against the war on my desk. It also makes it easier to store as I can keep it face down leaving the vibrant pink visible and easier to pick up again.

The only downer that I can think of with this product is that the bristles can be EXTREMELY sharp on your head. The first time I used this I was a little alarmed at how sharp it was and instinctively didn’t want  to use it again because it did hurt.


That being said this is really everything that everyone says it is, it just glides through your hair with no real problem and I’m honestly so surprised when ever I use it. I almost expect it to not work the next time I use this, but of course it always does.

I have thought about getting another one for my handbag/ Uni bag but haven’t as I usually don’t brush my hair while I’m out and about (I just put it up instead).

Anywho! That’s the end, I honestly think that if you can get your hands on this (at a reasonable price) that you should def give this a look in. Because it changes how I look after my hair after I shower because I can actually run my hands through it!





I hope to see you next time!



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