NARS Translucent Crystal Setting Powder – Loose

Hey Everyone,

Lets get the ball rolling with pictures of the packaging.


I have been using this for a few months now, I wanted to try this because I have heard a good things about this on YouTube. Normally I go for pressed powders, but I was in the mood for a change. So far I have no regrets, I am tempted to get the pressed though and I will explain why below.

The reason why I love this product so much is that it helps keep me matte during the day. I have a really oily skin on my T-zone and so I need some help with keeping my makeup look good and not an oily mess.

This is roughly what I would use to cover my face, this is most likely too much, so it shows you just how little you need. Now I most likely use a little too much powder, so people with normal/ dry skin would need a lot less than me. I find that this product does not affect my foundation.

The reason I have thought about getting the pressed powder is because of the image above. I LOVE how this feels and looks on my skin, the only problem is that the loose version isn’t exactly very travel friendly. This happened after being in my bag from shopping. So my only concern is that if you are doing a lot of traveling maybe think about getting the pressed version.

I have also re-applied this throughout the day and it didn’t not disturb my makeup at all. It returned my makeup to what it looked like when I had first applied it in the morning. Which I was shocked and so glad for because I didn’t really have time to touch up anything else.




Pressed version: $46 (MECCA)





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