Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer – Reivew

Hey Everyone,

Recently I purchased a new concealer so that I could use it everyday for work instead of using a high end concealer, and so now I’m going to talk about it! As you can guess it’s the Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer in the shade 15 Fair. Ironically this isn’t the lowest number in the range, but it is the lightest shade which can throw you off a little when buying your shade. Make sure you swatch the shades because you just never know!

I like the packaging for this concealer because its small making it easy to travel with and it also makes it easier to see how much product is actually left within. I also like how easy it is to read all of the information on the packaging making it easy to re-purchase the product in the future.

This is a light concealer that gives medium to full coverage. This concealer is a lot thinner then other concealers that I have used which I am really thankful for, this also means that on hot days it doesn’t feel like you have lots of makeup caked onto your face.

A bonus to this product is that it is a drug store product making it easier to find, repurchase and even get discounts on it more regularly, which is always a nice bonus. I was very glad to see that when I was using this product it didn’t break me out at all, as I do have problems with sensitive skin.

Overall I would def get this product again, because its lightweight, medium to full coverage and easy to repurchase. If you haven’t tried this before and are looking for something a bit cheaper and readily available, check this product out and see how it works for you!





I hope to see you next time!



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