Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Review

Hey Everyone,

Another cult product up for review today! This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and I use the shade taupe.

Here is a shot of what the Brow Wiz, not gonna lie I did think it was gonna be a lot bigger when I got it. From videos I had seen online I did think that the packaging was more bulky, so I am glad to see that this is not he case as this makes it easier to travel with!

One on end of the product is the a small brush, I don’t use this very often because I don’t really have unruly brows. I have used it a few times though, that’s why it is looking a little bit dirty.

On the other side is the actual product, when I first looked at the colour in store I didn’t think that it would really suite me, but after putting it on I fell in love, it is a little darker then my natural colour, but when I have a full face of makeup on it doesn’t look odd at all.

This is a product that is super easy to work with and because of the fine point it makes it really easy to fill in your brows. I have also found that if you accidentally draw outside of the lines its super easy to just wipe the colour away and then blend your foundation back in.

I have found that this product easily lasts all day and I love it for that, I remember thinking that this would be super expensive when I went to purchase this. But it only cost $21 USD, which is most likely a lot for American’s but I thought that this was a pretty good price, seeing as everything is really expensive back home.

There isn’t a lot of product in here, there isn’t even 1g of product. But so far I am finding that it is lasting a while. I will be able to update with how long this product lasts for with daily use once I have finished it up!





I hope to see you next time!



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